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Chapter 2 and 3, Fun in the Sun & Beat the Heat March 24, 2014

I´m sorry everyone that I didn´t get an email out last week. I went to the beach and the bus got back too late to do anything. There´s something I learned, The buses run your life if you´re going out of town. If you want to plan anything, make sure bus variations are included.
To respond to some questions:
I´m teaching a bunch of people right now. We´re teaching many people who are less actives. About one out of four lessons in a less active member.
My town is really... LATIN AMERICAN :P we have different "Barrios" that are different parts of town. My companion and I have the north part of town which doesn´t have all the larger shops and stuff, but there is a "pulparia" (or however you spell it), which is a small super market, or two or three in each Barrio. Lots of people, and because it´s hot, everyone has their door open so we can see them as we walk up to  "ask for dirrections" which is our way to find people to teach. It feels like a small community and is a bit like Layton, Utah (which is where my family lives right now). I´m really far away from touristy stuff except for the day I went to the beach (becase I was a "gringo" everyone was trying to sell me stuff). Everything worth a P-day excursion is a bus ride away (which could be hours on a bus).
My day is wake up, eat, get ready, study (4 hours), Eat lunch at the cook´s house, Walk, Teach, Walk, Sweat, Walk, Teach, Walk Walk Walk, Sleep.
We paid a member to do our laundry for us and it´s ç10,000 per month. If you want to convert, multiply the american currency in cents by 5 and then you have it in colones.
No Baptisms yet, but we have one person that may be getting close. He has to stop smoking though and he can be really frustrating sometimes because he loves to interupt people.
Beans have been at almost every meal that we don´t make ourselves. Rice has been at every meal. Lunch is generally provided but for breakfast and dinner we are on our own. (lots of cereal and soup)
I have picture of my House that my mom will put on facebook as soon as I get them on Dropbox (everything here loads so slowly) (If you don´t have me on face book it is James VanderMeyden). There are only the 2 of us in the house because the other missionaries in the area are the sisters who live in front of the Cook and work South Nicoya.
I can´t really compare the cost of things here to in America because I really didn´t buy much while I was in America and the conversion makes things weird. I haven´t run out of money yet though. :)
I walk everywhere in our area unless we´re running late to an appointment. It´s great exercise and a ton cheaper ;) The Church is about 15 minutes away by walking.
No Soda yet and No stomach aches. I get a head ache every once in a while, but I am able to figure it out quickly every time (normally it´s dehydration, but I normally have water). Also, No allergy problems yet and no Asthma problems yet! I can breath really well, even though it´s so humid. :)
I haven´t been able to play soccer yet, but one of the less active members that we´re focusing on said that he was rally good so I´m gonna set up a time when he can teach my (by the way, he came to church yesterday!).
No time for the cool spiritual stuff:
This week for some reason I´ve been really quiet but I was having some trouble with my companion and keeping in some of my own issues too. We had a Companionship inventory and I nearly cried because we did it in a spirit of friendship and trying to be better for our companionship and investigators. After that, even though I was still quiet (I´m sorry, the language is hard) I was able to give3 really powerful testimonies in the same day where I felt the spirit strong and I hope the Investigators had their hearts open to hear it. One of the tesimonies was about God´s had in my life and another about my tesimony of the Book of Momon and what it means to me and our religion (it is the Keystone, and without it everything falls).
We also just found some Mormon Messages in Spanish and we´ve been showing them to investigators and stuff. However, we started watching them last night and this morning to see which ones we wanted to and could share (it´s scratched up so we can´t show every one of them) and I can again testify of the Gift of Tongues. The trick is to listen with your heart and your ears, one is not enough. If you do both, however, you can understand the entire thing without understanding most of the words.
Last thing: I went to San Josè today for the VISA stuff and got to see some really great friends. I also bought a stuffed Shy Guy from the Mario Brothers. I feel like it is a good choice for me and it shows both my Nerdy and fun sides. I also gathered a ton of shells at the beach (my companion was a bit mad because I had to borrow a pocket in his backpack and I got it super sandy).
That´s all for this week.
Elder VanderMeyden Signing off

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