Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Chapter 5: A Dutchman in Costa Rica

You may wonder the significance of my chapter heading. If you are following the World Cup, it would make sense. For the first time in the history of the World Cup, Costa Rica is in the quarterfinals. They play Holland/Netherlands on Saturday.  My family name, VanderMeyden, is Dutch (my great grandfather immigrated from Holland to the United States). So, Yeah, Costa Rica is going crazy. Every time they have a game, we have to be in the house because no one will listen to our message if the nation selection (or sele) is playing. They actually played yesterday at 2 and our attendance dropped to 84 at church (the week before it was 127). In a land where Fùtbol is everything, there´s not much you can do :P They actually took all of the missionaries out of Brasil for the world cup. Oh, and I´ve turned into a it of a fùtbolista with all the talk, the games at lunch, and my companion´s love of playing (we play every P-day, with the branch on Fridays, and with kids in the street if we have the time). I´m just worried about the next game against Holanda, because that´s where my last name comes from and I don´t want to get beat up in the streets. :P It might be a bit of a joke but it´s serious too. Wish me luck. :) I am a bit worried, I even requested a nametag with my middle name from the President (my middle name is my mother's maiden name - Dayley, so it's kinda like a second last name which is very common here in Costa Rica. Everybody has two or three last names) I don't know if I will get it or if I really need it, but literally - it is futbol crazy out here and everybody is drinking and partying like crazy around the games.

This week we had a disappointment with 3 of our investigators. It was had because they were all going to be baptized this upcoming week but 2 had problems after a bunch of other obstacles that Satan put in their path and the other isn´t taking us seriously anymore. This last one says he wants to be baptized but doesn´t know why. We tried to encourage him to pray but he really doesn´t want to, nor read the scriptures. It hurts me to see him doing this.

I am doing wonderful. I might be melting a bit in Costa Rica, but it´s fun and the people are amazing. I have had a bunch of faith building experiences and I can actually say that the mission has changed me, even though it´s only been 6 months. Well, I guess change is the wrong word. I still have my personality, but I have a ton more faith and a deeper understanding of the gospel. Plus, I have learned how to trust people.

Thank you so much,
Elder VanderMeyden

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