Saturday, January 3, 2015

Chapter 14: Same Old, Same Old

Same job and it´s getting old :P (not really - but this fits)
Same companion, but not getting old
Different investigators but they are also old
Same fridge but now it grows mold
Same mission but now I grow bold
Same country that never gets cold
Same heart, same fold
Same me, or that´s what I´m told. ;)

Funny moment- The flavored syrup. Elder Hoover and I were exploring for food one day and we found something strange in a chinese super. It was a bunch of bottles that make drinks. Normally you can find only one flavor called "Kola" Don´t ask me what it is, I don´t know. Anyway, we found a whole ton of different flavors and we decided that we were going to try as many as we can before we leave the office because they had everything from lemon to Root bear (I chose root beer because I don´t drink carbonation but I love root beer and this has no carbonation) and so much in between. On of the funniest finds though. :)
Spiritual moment- Elder Hoover and I have been working hard on our area and even though we aren´t the best we can finally see some of our work coming around. We´ve finally got enough investigators to teach more than 20 lessons a week and we´re still finding news. I love it. :)
Crazy moment- When Elderes Tai, Lopez, Leon and I were all in Zona Atlantica and we just started laughing one night about all the different stuff that happened to us. I think we were all a bit to tired to be talking about that but I actually laughed so hard that I could hardly open my eyes. It was way too crazy. :P

Oh crap moment - is that the light in our office stopped working on New years day so we are using a lamp until we get the service center to come in and get it fixed. :P
Take care guys, love you all!

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