Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A poem for General Conference

So, I wrote this back in June, but with conference coming, I thought you'd like to hear it. I am definitely not a poet, but just gowithit. :P
The Living Prophet’s Voice

How would it have been to talk with Moses, who saw God face to face
Or maybe to our father Adam, who chose to fall for the human race
To hear the covenant of Abraham, from him would be a treat
Your dream interpreted from Daniel, Oh Boy! Would that be neat
To hear the voice of Christ Himself, proclaim His Gospel true
To be with Him and the Apostles, to be among the few
To hear Prophets of old, so bold, so strong, proclaim the word of God
Written for generations to know and love, it is our iron rod
They lead us to the tree of life but wait “There’s more!” I say
We have the words of Prophets old but there is one today
We can listen to his voice as well, the truth it sings so clear
He gives us warning for our day, our prophet kind and dear
We listen to him twice each year, in April and October
But when the conference ends, the inspiration is not over
I turn the computer on, and make a very simple choice
To the internet I go, to hear a living prophet’s voice!

                                                                JV June 6, 2015

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