Monday, October 19, 2015

Chapter 20: uh oh, what just happened?

One spiritual moment that I had was small but necessary. Yesterday my blood pressure dropped or raised (I´m not sure but I´m okay, I already talked to the nurse and it probably won´t happen again) and we had to go to a less active member´s house until I got better. They gave me a great drink of milk with oats but they served it hot in a glass cup. I could not lift the glass to drink it but then I remembered that in lunch the sister gave us bendy straws and instead of throwing the straw away I felt like I needed to keep it so I put it in my bag. It was a great help for me to have that straw there and God was looking out for me so DON´T WORRY about what happened Everything is OKAY!

My week was excellent. I smoothed things out with my companion, but we still are having problems with getting people to church. This week we have planned to find many news and many less actives. WE´re going to a new area to meet a reference and help find less actives. :)

We had an amazing Zone meeting that took an entire day´s work out of the picture. But it really was amazing. :) The Stake President was there with us and shared with us his goals for the stake and experiences from his mission. Even though we hardly worked that day it was really worth it because I received the inspiration while we were at the conference for the way to talk with my companion and tell him my goals for our area and what we need to do to accomplish it. I was working hard in seeing the things I was doing wrong this week so that we could make this area explode. :) and once I saw my faults I was able to start on fixing them. :) My companion also saw the things that he had to change and bit by bit is working on them as well. :)
Elder VanderMeyden

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  1. Arghhhh! "Don't worry..." yeah right, the Mom Gene will really allow you to not worry. But loved his testimony about the straw and following promptings!