Monday, October 5, 2015

Chapter 18: UhMazing Conference

I loved the General Conference and I had a great time translating some of the commercials (that only came in English) for the Latinos that were with me.I really enjoyed it. I really liked the holy places potter´s spin talk, but I left my notes at home, sorry. It´s not my favorite talk, but it was the first to come to mind that I loved. I´ll be looking for my scripture to ponderize ;) And you all? What is your favorite scripture to ponderize this week. Please send me your scriptures. We didn't call it ponderize, though. in spanish the word is meditizar.

I was able to go on divisions with Elder Lewis and that was fun as well.

We got a few great references and one of them says that he wants to get baptized with the rest of his family because the saw a General Conference while surfing channels in April back when he lived in Nicaragua. :)

I was also asked to translate for a man from Madagascar who wanted to watch the conference in Spanish even though he is still learning. Needless to say we finished that session of conference in the English room. It really goes to show the power of the Gift of Tongues. This man from Madagascar is not a member of the church but an invited person. He´s been in the country for one year and still has difficulties, while the majority of the missionaries that are here in Costa Rica learn the language sufficiently to watch conference in under 9 months.

I also had rice and shrimp, an amazing recipe that I will take back and share with you all. :D

A funny thing about that talk by Pte. Uchtdorf. There was a sister from our ward  and she had a shirt that said "Simplify" but it was in english so she didn´t know that it was Simplificar until I told her. :P

Elder VanderMeyden

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