Monday, November 2, 2015

Chapter 22: It's Hot - really really hot!

My week was fun. It was super hot this week and I sweat a ton and the fast sunday fast nearly killed us both for lack of water (I´m exagerating, but it was brutal :P  ). I really love fasting, even though it´s hard. It is a good way to sacrifice. :)

I loved the Zone conference. One funny thing that happened at it was the fact that Presidente Hayes was talking about how the missionary work is the responsibility of the tribe of Joseph (Ephraim and Manasseh) and he says "and all of us here are from the tribe of Joseph"
My companion looks at me and whispers "should I tell him? I´m going to tell him"
I whisper "no, don´t worry about it, I´ll tell him in the interview."

Jaja I laughed when he said that. :D (For those of you who don't understand, I am not of the tribe of Joseph, I am of a different tribe).

It was also really hot (did I already mention that?) and I had fun making exercise in the morning awesome! I run in place while trying to play the piano! It´s super hard and soooo much fun. :)
We got brownies at the zone conference and the lady that cooked was someone that I knew from Heredia. :)

One of the coolest things (cause, yeah - everything else is really hot)  that happened this week was the family of Sabata, Candy and Gilson (members) invited 2 friends to church who came! One is from Uruguay and had to ditch his bodyguard to come to church. He really enjoyed the meetings and said that we make less "noise" than the other churches. :P The other is Tico and also enjoyed the meetings, but he had friends who are members so we´ll see when we can meet with him this week. :)

Today we´re going to make piña colada and arroz con leche with one of the youth from our area. :) It was super hot this week.
Oh, and Happy Halloween. Here is my contribution to the pumpkin carvings: (A carved carrot and quasi carved pineapple). We can´t celebrate halloween here. The entire contry thinks it´s demonic (and in a way it is), but even the members are spooked by it. :P It might have something to do with a rumour I heard that they sacrifices children in one of the rural areas of the country a few years back... Yeah. :(  So this is the best I could do).

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  1. Great letter and pictures and VIDEOS!!!! He is doing awesome!!