Monday, November 9, 2015

Chapter 23: I'm a little red, He's a little golden

This week was a great week because the reference that we received last week from one family came to church AGAIN and asked us what he can do to get baptized! He´s a golden investigator and will be my first investigator of 3 weeks. I had actually lost faith that someone like that actually existed. It really made my week (and even my month) to hear that he was going to start to stop drinking coffee! I was very surprised because he is More of a sporty person that normally wouldn´t have time for church, but he has some great support from his friends in the church! :D  He even asked his mother´s permission in front of us and she gave it. Hopefully we can get his interview done next week and in two weeks we´ll have more pictures for you all :)

That was the best part of the entire week but today we were playing soccer as a Zone and I was in the goalie position. Turns out everyone loved my performance and many people asked me to be part of their team. One funny thing is that on the bus ride ith the other Elders to go do internet one of the Elders that had played against me told me that I should try to find a team in my area and continue playing after the mission because I was good. The funny thing is that this same Elder was the one that was trying to scortch me (kick the ball very hard to make the goal) and I stopped about half the goals from him (at the risk of my wrist, but it was fun). It was an amazing day, even though I got very burnt by the sun. :P Yeah, that's the red part - I wore long sleeves so I wouldn't get burned, but my hands got burned bad (and my face).

I had another video, but it wouldn't go through, but just imagine this in a video: The video explains everything that happened this week. I saw toucans (my first time - they are SOOOO COOOL!), We had 65 in church, one person wants to get baptized, we had 2 stories from our mission leader (one he was tied to a chair so that the members could change his shoes because they had horrible holes and the other was when he had a confrontation with the jehovahs witnesses, they didn´t know he was a missionary at first but ended very mad because they couldn´t win. He said that he can´t even remember what they said, but that it was very true and following the spirit. :)  ) good news that we are eating at a restaurant and we love the food and we pay the normal amount. :) AWESOME!

See ya later,
Elder VanderMeyden

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  1. Love this letter, he's sounding so fantastic! He will be arriving back home at a complete high point, such an awesome missionary!