Sunday, February 16, 2014

Week 2 - February 5th

This week at the MTC I had a wonderful time. We are learning to teach lessons to investigators in full Spanish. We've been trying to teach in Spanish since the beginning but we've know more of what we're doing now. It's difficult but not to bad. The "investigator" we taught last week was actually our homeroom teacher. His name is Elder Thorsen. He served in Costa Rica too and actually served under the same mission president. Another funny thing is that one of the new teacher's name is Brother Avila. If you remember the Avila family from back in Virginia Mom and Dad then you won't be disappointed. This is the same Avila that is 5ish years older than me. It was quite funny because I don't remember him much but he remembered me. The sisters going to Mexico in our District is actually in Vegas right now getting VISAs. Apparently when you're going to Costa Rica you don't need a VISA so I won't be doing that. One last thing then I have to go: The older Elders in our Zone just left so they passed down about 7 boxes full of things that have been passed down, mostly snacks, and almost left us without a zone leader. I say almost because the day before they left Elder Miller and I were called to be the new Zone leaders. It's really cool and not too difficult yet, but I haven't read the handbook yet because I've been so busy.
That's all for now, sorry.
Love all y'all so much
Elder VanderMeyden

P.S. Elder Thorsen is from Texas

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