Sunday, February 16, 2014

Week 3 - February 12

This week was Pretty awesome. I think it keeps getting better and better. I had a moment this week where I had to trust in the Lord. I was feeling sick and we split into pairs. I was asked to give a short lesson in Spanish to one of the other Elders and I still didn't feel good. I just started talking in Spanish and trusting the Lord to help me. Apparently what I said was really helpful to the other Elder and I felt 100% healthy afterward. I needed to be sick to realize that I could trust more in the Lord than in my understanding. It was a great experience, just like being part of the Choir here at the MTC. We get to sing in the devotionals on Tuesdays and learn when General Authorities come before everyone else (we've only had members of the 70 so far, but i got to shake Elder Zwick's hand). Holland is going to be talking to us on Sunday and I'm going to be part of the choir for it. Don't get too excited yet. It's Brother Holland, Elder Holland's son. It is however Sister Holland's (Elder Holland's wife) birthday so she may be there with "other diginitaries." That's all I have time for this week. Everyone send me an email of your favorite scripture. Thanks
Elder VanderMeyden

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