Thursday, May 29, 2014

Chapter 12: Cold Feet

It`s strange to say this but I have cold feet... When I`m sleeping! We have fans on us at night and normally I sleep without a cover, but because I have my fan at my feet I`ve woken up at least 3 times now and had to pull on my blanket. I don`t know what to do because it`s too hot to go to sleep with a blanket but I get cold feet in the middle of the night. Any suggestions? The alternative meaning of my title this week is the fact that I`ve been having a hard time doing the LPEs that I talked about earlier. Talking to people out of the blue was never my thing in school or on the street so I get nervous to do it.
Anyway, I don`t have much to say this week. I do have one thing to share about the spirit. This week we were in a lesson with José, an eternal investigator and we reached a point where we could stop or continue going. I felt like we needed to stop and I notified my companion to this. Unfortunately he "felt" otherwise. I don`t know if it was an actually feeling or not because I haven`t asked him since. I don`t want to bring it up because of what follows. My companion started reading some scriptures in the Book of Mormon about when the Spaniards will come to the Americas and José takes offense that we say that the Spaniards had God on their side. I know it`s true but this guy is Tico (from Costa Rica) and he gets up in my case for being the only white guy in the room saying that the white guys had God on their side. Even though it was my companion saying that, I was the one getting blamed. I feel like we broke the relationship we had, or at least dented it. I hope that my "gringo-ness" doesn`t keep anyone from the Gospel, and in the future I`ll be more valiant with my spiritual promptings.

That`s all I have for this week,
Y`all rock,
Elder VanderMeyden

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