Thursday, May 29, 2014

Chapter 13: Dogonit (or Dog-on-it?); End of Book One: Nicoya

This week I have tons of news but hardly any time at all. The catchy pun for this week is that a blind dog was walking down our street one day and I told my companion to give him a piece of his chicken that he had just bought. He did it and now the Dog comes to our house every day begging for more. It`s blind and I felt bad, now we have a moochin´ pooch at our front door every night.
The dual meaning for this title is that I am leaving so I am sad. Dogonit (or however you spell that) is simmilar to Dagnabit, drats, Darn it, and another D word that does not belong in the emails of anymissionary (unless he is quoting scripture). Anyways, Goodbye Nicoya. :(
I am leaving with a BANG though. We had a Confirmation and a Baptism yesterday (the baptism was the aunt of the girl being confirmed today) and I took part in BOTH ORDINANCES! It totally rocked, But I won`t be around for the Confirmation for my baptism :(
Anyway, I know the Lord is sending me to my new area for a reason and all I can say about my old Companion is that he really helped me trust in the Lord with all my heart. I needed that more than anything else and I am so happy to have had him as my companion. Love ya Elder Saavedra.

Sorry, I have a 4 hour bus ride to San Josè and another 4 hours until my new Zone (I`m going west coast to east coast), which is Atlantica by the way.

Y`all rock,
Elder VanderMeyden

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