Saturday, November 29, 2014

Chapter 3: A Little Addition

This week has been more and more math and we´ve have quite a bit of addition to do- First of all with my asignación and secondly with a new companion. His name is Elder Black and he is AWESOME. He had cambios de emergencias halfway. He can´t go to his old area, but we´re waiting the one week to the actual cambios to send him back out. :) We´re having a ton of fun with him singing oldies music as well as more modern and his ukulele is a great addition to my harmonica and the electric Keyboard that we have at the house. It´s so fun to break into song and have a backup of beat boxing and harmonies as only band or choir boys from the USA can do. ;)

We are having great success with some people, There is a guy named Anthony that is a Golden investigator that has been progressing really fast. In the time that Elder Pratt met him he´s read the pamphlet, prayed to know if it was true, quit a job so he can come to church, found a new job through the power of prayer, and will come with us tomorrow! :D He´s our #1 and he speaks English! We give lessons in mostly english, but I like to talk in spanish so it is cool. :) That was my Spiritual thing this week: it was when we taught Anthony this week. It was the first time I met him but the spirit was SOOO strong in that house and I loved it. :)

I'm adding on pounds, unfortunately. Now that I can get food from an american store, I eat a bunch of cereal and doughnuts and pizza from PriceSmart. It´s so gross and I have to do a bunch of exercixse. :P I just have to get the time to buy the good food like we did today. :) I am also well fed by the members. :P

Funny thing is a bunch of people here in the ward and other missionaries are saying that I look like the Elder from "The Best Two Years" even though I´ve never seen it. I´m like a celebrity somehow but it´s really funny. :P  another funny thing that happened is that today a girl came up to us and thought that we were Jehovah´s Witnesses (a common thing actually). We think she was French because her accent in Spanish was French but she also spoke perfect English. She left us (we were at PriceSmart) but then as we were exiting she came up to Elder Black and asked if we went to parties. It was amazingly hard not to start laughing because I think she was infatuated by him. We did a great contact and left our number with her and we´ll see where it goes. :)

Oh Crap thing is getting trapped at PriceSmart today. It was a clear sky when we left, but as we bought everything and we got ready to leave the rain fell like I remember it did in the Virginia hurricanes.

(my mom asked me to put one spiritual, one funny, and one oh crap moment in so you can see what life is like - hope you enjoy it.)
Elder VanderMeyden

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