Saturday, November 29, 2014

Chapter 7: Ol' Yeller

So, in this past week I´ve been talking in my sleep, or as Elder Hoover likes to say, screaming in my sleep. Apparently I´ve woken him up 5 times by screaming things. The topic of these screams have been complete Spanish sentences, the number 15, and reading the dream of my companion and telling him what just happened. I don´t remember any of this, but I trust my companion so it must be real. The reason for these dream screams could be a number of things, but I don´t know any of them. If anyone has an idea of what I can do to help my companion get a full night sleep I´d love to hear it. :P

So, also in the last few weeks, Elder Hoover and I have been trying to be healthier in what we eat. I love the idea of being better at this, but my tongue and the part of my mind that is based off of instant gratification have been crying out for the old junk food that I used to eat, chips, fruit drinks, a cream filled cake treat called Pengüinos, ice cream, etc.

1 spiritual moment this week- I am learning the true power of a Fast. When normally I would be really done in the dumps I decided to make the sacrifice and start a fast yesterday. It has really helped me understand that I´m not perfect, but every trial and responsibility I have is to teach me to become so. I am so glad that we don´t have to sacrifice animals (I have been reading the Old Testament and I´ve made it up unto Kings) anymore and that fasting can even be more powerful. :)
1 funny moment this week- This week the only funny thing I have to share is that as we were on our way to the airport Elder Hoover and I quoted Psych for the full hour that we were trying to get there (We left early so that we could get there on time, but the traffic was much worse than we expected).
1 irritating thing this week- The traffic to the airport
1 foody thing this week- I had a Mango drink! IT WAS AMAZING! I can´t wait to go back and try it again. :)
1 this reminded me of moment this week- So President really reminds me of my dad. They really like obedience and don´t like excuses. I look up to President as my dad and I know that he does everything he does out of love. I love them both and they both have so much to teach me. :)
1 third world story this week- Our investigator R is really poor. So poor that even though he´s prayed about the Book of Mormon and believes it´s true he goes to another church because they said that if he is a member that they would feed him every day. It´s really sad to see people in conditions like that, but that is his choice. I´m really sad about it. :(
Well, take care everybody, enjoy the cold weather for me.
Elder VanderMeyden
Me and Elder Hoover in front of our awesome truck

the money of Costa Rica

We love our soccer and flags

The red taxi's

Elder Hoover studying

just hanging out

All in blue ties

My handpainted tie (someone left it in the office)

The temple

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