Saturday, November 29, 2014

Chapter 4: Ticket

So there are so many different meanings for the word ticket. You can buy a ticket to go to a museum or a play or you can use a ticket to go to another country through a plane. You can get a ticket for parking in a bad place or speeding. Tickets range in Hallelujah amazing to the worst thing you can think off (like that one time I put 25 cents into a weight machine here and it gave me a ticket with my weight and I learned that I am fat :P  ). I actually had 3 different types of tickets in this last week. The first one we used was the ticket to send a sick missionary home. It´s one of the saddest things that I´m going to have to do as a secretary. The second was a parking ticket because we didn´t talk to one guy on the side of the street just because we were on our own (meaning our trainers weren´t with us to tell us what to do)(don´t worry, it´s not that big a deal and I get to keep my drivers license). The Third is that we used tickets to go inside a museum for Preparation day today. It rocked and I loved the Children's museum in San Jose. I´ll send pictures next week though.

Funny moment this week- This is weird that I laughed about this, but I laugh when I am nervous and stressed, so I´ve been laughing a ton this last week, which is funny because Elder Hoover thinks I´m crazy. He knows now that I´m not but it was funny. :P
Spiritual moment this week- Being able to pray to Heavenly Father when I was really down on myself one day for missing an exit twice, and missing my companion´s appointment with migration.Prayer really helped me because I was down and I asked to forget my pain and work, so he made the work fun and beautiful. I came home with a smile that I couldn´t even have imagined just a few hours earlier in the day. I love the Lord and I love the Spirit. :)
Oh Crap moment this week- I am going to be in the office solo this time on monday. It just sunk in this week. :P

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