Thursday, June 12, 2014

Chapter 2: Wet and Nerdy

what I should say is wet and geeky, but it didn´t have as much of a pun.
Wet because I was soaked 3 times this week and geeky because I was able to geek out with the band friends of my cook´s son. It rocked and was nice to talk music with people again.
Here´s the stuff from this week:
Temple was rockin´ ;)
Elder Ochoa was also super awesome. His words were inspired and the love was shown. It was a great Birthday present. :D
Another great present was that I got to see a bunch of people the day of my Birthday, Like Elder Saavedra, Hermana Montoya, and Elder Miller. What´s a bigger surprise is that I saw Hermana Chatwin and Hermana Hearne too! They are 2 of the 3 other missionaries from Layton Utah that are here in Costa Rica right now. The Multi-zone Conference was the place we could all meet because, even though all 3 of us are in different zones, they were the 3 zones invited! Hermana Hearn only has 2 cambios left and Hermana Chatwin literally just got here. It was a real treat and there are plenty of pictures.
There is a possibility of a baptism this week, but I don´t know a whole bunch about it. Hopefully it goes through :)
The Food here is generally the same, a bunch of rice and beans, but they also have a specific dish here that is "Rice and Beans" that I absolutely love. It is much cooler here and there is more rain.
Also, I´m learning Fútbol because our branch building has a "cancha" I can´t wait to get home and play with my other friends. They say I´m a great defensive player but I´m just beginning, so we´ll see what develops from this.
Also, one time when I was playing Fútbol I fell and hurt my wrist. I´m super slow at typing today for this reason. Don´t worry, I´ll be better before next week ;)
The 2 big packages that were sent came in on my Birthday exactly, so I go them immediately.
P-day was just Fútbol, Ping Pong, and Uno, the card game. Not much more which was nice :)

Sorry for not much more,
Elder VanderMeyden

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