Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Chapter 4: When it rains, it pours

When it rains, it pours; blessings from above, that is! :D

This week we were rewarded for our dedication by the Lord working through us and putting people in our way! :D Plus, there have been huge rain storms here in the evening that have actually scared some of the people here (myself included).

The spiritual stuff though, are like this
1) I found someone. We called the Red Cross to help with one of our investigators with low blood sugar and the Ambulance driver was a former investigator. I felt prompted to thank him for his work when I first met him and the rest is history. He moved so the old missionaries didn´t know where to find him, but now his family have a date to get married and soon after baptized :D
2) the same investigator with health problems had a change of heart and wants to do everything possible to get married and baptized! 
3) More former investigators were found when we were trying to find a less active member in their area. They were the investigators that I sat next to my first Sunday here and now they have a date to talk to the lawyer about marriage too!
4) We were able to take 70 members out of our personal list as Rama Siquirres and now we are at 522 members. All we have to do is take out 40 more and we can start think about becoming a ward
5) Speaking about becoming a ward, we had 127 people in chuch today, and then the Stake president showed up and saw all the people.

Everyone´s happy with the missionaries they have here in Siquirres, but I know that it´s not us that´s having success, it´s the Lord´s work :)

That´s all for this week, ;)
Elder VanderMeyden

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  1. Love his humble testimony of Who's work this is. What a great young man!