Monday, June 2, 2014

Siquirres: Chapter 1: Just a little LOST

Just a little lost.... First things first- I lost one of my suitcases! I had all of my clothing but basically nothing else until Wednesday. We thought is was stolen and I was a bit frustrated. Here´s the story of what actually happened and the recovery:
The suitcase holder openned up mid journey and the suitcase simply fell out. The Traffic cops found it and openned it up to see whose it was. They saw the Libro De Mormón that you had written your testimonies inside (in English by the way, so I can´t give it to anyone :P ). There was one of the cops who had a Mormón Amigo in the bus system who he contacted saying "Encontramos una maleta [We found a suitcase]. Tiene una biblía de su religión [It has a bible from your religion]. Un Libro Azul, El Libro de Mormón [A blue book, the Book of Mormon]." This friend in the bus system remembered talk of a case that went missing from two boys in white shirts and ties that stopped in Siquirres (where he travels quite frequently) and gave us a call. All in all, the suitcase was bruised and broken (but only small holes that can be easily repaired) but everything was there and now I have it."
The funny thing is that during the entire time I was missing my bag I had this incredible peace that was completely unexplainable. I had no way of knowing that my bag would be recovered but I KNOW that the holy Ghost was giving me th courage, strength, and peace I needed to continue in the work, whether my bag was found or not. I now have an unbreakable testimony that the Holy Ghost is part of the Godhead, knows everything, and will give us comfort even when it looks like there is no hope (whereas before I thought more of the blessings of words to my mouth and knowledge in times of need).

Second lost thing: ME in my new area. I now understand the small part of huge Siquirres that we use. The area is HUGE, there are only 2 missionaries for the entirety of Siquirres. I was lost and just following my companion, even though we only visit the close areas. The Building for the branchis also huge, but we only have a regular attendance of 70 people for the time being (BTW We had 8 investigators in Sacrament Meeting). The Branch President is really cool and we had a heart to heart yesterday where he explained the problems Siquirres has had in the past. My companion and I are getting along swimmingly (that is to say that we have a bunch of fun and we´ve had some great success). I love my new area even though I miss my old one a ton. This new Companion is Elder De Leon. He´s actually shorter than me, whereas my last two were just slightly taller. He has a quick talking and joking attitude that makes him easy to get to know quickly. I actually opened up to him relatively fast because of what I learned from my last companion, Elder Saavedra: if you get to be friends with your companion, it makes everything easier.

This week is my Birthday, Numero 19! Don´t worry, I´ll enjoy my Birthday, We have a Multi-zone Meeting with Elder Ochoa of the 70! It landed directly on my Birthday and I am PSYCHED! The way my Mom put it is "being spiritually fed and spiritually feeding others. I couldn't ask for a better birthday!"

The people I´m serving are very open hearted, but they have a problem that they can´t leave the house alone because it´s really easy to steal from their house so going to the church is a problem. Also, stealing is a problem too, our chapel, the night after I arrive, was robbed and they took everything from the TV to the Trash bins! How frustrating. They jumped a fence (that really is too easy to jump) and apparently went in through the roof. Quite the story.

Anyway, Last bit of information: I GET TO GO TO THE TEMPLE!!!!!!!!!! This Wednesday is a Temple trip! It´s been 3 months since the last time I was in a Temple of the Lord and FINALLY this day has come back. I will love every minute of peace and blessings I receive. :D

Anyway, Thanks a bunch for your support, and this is all for this week.

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