Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Chapter 16: Celebration

So last week I made a small mistake and put chapter 13, it was actually 15 and now, finally, "me di cuenta".

Anyway, the celebration was el Día de Independencia and it wasn´t a bunch of floats and stiff like the USA it was a bunch of schools and their Drum lines(?) that all march through the town. There were small kids and high school too. It was a celebration with fireworks yesterday, but there weren't as many as my hometown. I don´t mind though because I was able to sleep on time. :P
Another Celebration that I need to share is my companionship with Elder Gonzalez. I know he´s not perfect but I´ve been putting him in a rather bummer light in the past few weeks. I know that I´m not perfect and part of the reason he is here is to help me reach my potential. I am now celebrating the moments that we have together because we won´t be together forever. I hope that I've been a good role model for him and that what I´ve taught he´ll be able to use too.
Th th th th that´s all folks. ;)
Elder VanderMeyden

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