Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Chapter 14: Cold sore

So this week I had a cold sore in my mouth that really hurts when I brush my teeth. I hate it and it bugs me a whole bunch, but what can you do? It´s started to disappear, but it´s the 3rd time it´s happened here on my mission, way more common than it ever was at home. :(
Double meaning of the day is not that this week has actually been cold in Siquirres. On the contrary, it has been hotter than ever, which actually makes me a bit sore. Another Sore point is that I think the heat was affecting my head and I fell into a bit of a rut mentally. I have climbed out of that rut and am now much better; something about Preparation day and email time always gets me in a better mood. :)
To be honest, there´s not too much to report, but I am having fun and I´m doing well with health too. :) I´m a bit sad though because we had to cancel our weekly FĂștbol day because there were many people showing up uninvited and causing ruckus.
Also, I found a bit of Irony in the Scriptures this week: Deut. 25:19 It says that they will be blotted out of remembrance but says that they shouldn´t forget it. Just a bit of Irony. ;)
Last though- A game that has gotten huge down here on tablets and smart phones is called Geometry Dash and has cool music. Some of the youth here showed it to me and I thought I´d tell ya´ll to give it a try. :)
That´s it for today,
Elder VanderMeyden signing off ;)

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