Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Chapter 17: Building

 I don´t have too much time. We`re going to the Temple on Wednesday and so we have to email in the hours of not proselyting.  :) I am so excited to go to the temple this week. We only get to go like every 4 months, so when we can, it is a big deal. It is muy bien to feel the peace we can find being in the house of the Lord.

One reason for my title: I can say I officially have helped build a home. I now know masonry. Me and my companion and the other elders in Siquirres helped build a wall that was for the bottom part of a house in the coldesack where president Urbina (branch president) lives. The houses have a cinderblock base and a wood top; I´m going to make one as a clubhouse when I get back. :)  Mom, please put pictures from the dropbox onto the blog so they can see the building we are doing.

The other reason for my title  is the re-building of the Ogden Temple. I am super jealous of mi familia back home. All I heard about this week is the Ogden Temple Re-Dedication and Cultural Celebration. I am super pumped that everybody got to participate and be a part of it, but super bummed that I could not be there. I am very jealous of the oportunity that you all had. I´ve always wanted to be in one of these dedication programs, but it looks like I never will. I know that the Spirit was with them. The spirit is all around the temple, even before the dedication. I´m actually blessed to be able to go this week to the temple on Wednesday. I am hoping to make the most of my oportunity because it only comes once every 3 or 4 months.

Another reason for the title is building the best day you can. This last Saturday I was a bit worried about home, so to put my worries aside, I tried very hard to make Saturday the best day possible. I do realize happiness is a choice and so I did everything this Saturday to help boost my mood. I made a conscious decision to find the good and IT WORKED! Sometimes it's hard for me to be motivated to do that though. It can really take a ton of energy, but I know it's worth it, even if at times I can't see it. So my advice for you all is to pick one day and put forth all your energy to making that day the best day ever. I promise you, you will not regret it.

Some random things:
* I played street soccer with a giant lemon fruit thing.
* A fight happened outside our house so we couldn´t leave for 30 minutes, making us a bit late to one of our appointments.
* I also got tricked by Elder De Leon, jokingly, to drink coke :P

Have a great day!
Elder VanderMeyden

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