Friday, December 26, 2014

Chapter 12: White Christmas

White Christmas is my title this week. One is because I heard you got snow on Christmas Day - so not FAIR!! My White Christmas is because we were able to go to the temple this past week as a Christmas present from Presidente.  I actually had a dream with snow the other day. I miss snow a ton and it was fun to play in it, even though it was just a figment of my imagination. :P

Anyway, as for my week, it has been CRAZY and there was one day when we were literally not in our area between 10:30 until 10:30 and we only got a lesson because we called an investigator that we had planned to visit, but we couldn`t. That was the Christmas devotional day and we had the best present ever: We went to the TEMPLE! and not just that, the Temple President invited Elder Hoover and I to do Baptisms after our session! I have wanted to do that for a very long time. So long that I made up my mind to work in the Baptistry in the Logan Temple in early  mornings if I can -  for the high schoolers and stuff. :) We had such a crazy day and we even bought KFC, even though I only ate a biscuit. :P

We also had a miracle of a story that I`d like to share: We had a bad morning this Sunday when we passed by and called our investigators and one after one they all said that they wouldn`t be coming to church that day. It really bummed me out but then a simple thought came to my mind, "call Dennis". If you don`t remember who he is, he is an investigator that we had long since dropped because he didn`t progress even though 10 years before he was going to church. He had never been baptized because of Alcohol problems, but now he stopped but doesn`t go to church. HOWEVER, I called him and woke him up, and he said "I`ll make the sacrifice to go." It was AWESOME! And I am so grateful for that little whisper because now Dennis has a planned date of baptism for the 27th of Diciembre and confirmation the following day. We`ll be visiting him today again. :)

Other things that happened this week are some powerful Revelation in the Temple, President saying good job to Elder Hoover and I, and a trip to Taco Bell. Oh, and I forgot to mention the fun little storyelling that Elder Hoover did when he told me of when he ate with the Dinosaurs (he actually commented on their great table manners, even though there was no table), the raccoon men from the inside of the sun and their blue pet tigers, the Under Earth people and how he helped in the war against the water men, and the little rock that has a tiny screen like a tiny Kindle and works as a translator for all languages. I`m not sure if I should believe him about that last part though. :P All in all it was a great week but I am exhausted.

Love you,
Elder VanderMeyden
Merry Christmas

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