Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Chapter 9: He is the Gift

The reason for my title is because we have been asked as missionaries to share the video from the church titled 'He is the Gift'. As we go into the Christmas Season, it is easy to be consumed with lists and all sorts of things we 'need' to do and gifts to buy that we miss the reason we celebrate at all: the birth of Jesus Christ. So I would hope, as I share it in my email, you all remember the true reason we have this special time of year.

I love the opportunity we have to work during the Christmas season. Many people keep asking if we´re going home to be with our families for Christmas. We always say no, and say that the mission is for 2 years without visiting our family once. It also got me to thinking. The Christmas season is the best time to teach people of Christ, the real reason behind the holiday, why would we go home. I love my family, but the work is better during this season. I´d prefer to have more Christmases out in the mission field (Sorry Mom) so that I can help other Families. It is really cool because they have something called a "Portal" which is like a nativity set with a large case or a bunch of lights around it. It reminds me of a time portal to the birth of Jesus. :D There was a small miracle that happened this week that has to do with the real reason for Christmas. We were able to see a family setting up one of these portales and it was huge, so I asked them if they wanted help. They said no, but we were able to start talking to them and then shared a small message about how Jesus is the Gift and the proof of God´s love for us. This family, who is normally very catholic actually invited us back to teach more. :) It´s one of the many blessings that come through the Spirit of Christmas. :)

1 funny- We actually had a miracle this last week with a girl that has been prepared for us. She was Catholic a while back, and still believes in God, but she knows that the Catholic church is false and that the bible has been manipulated by man. When my companion said "what would you say if I said there was more scripture?" she said "I´d believe you" and it freaked him out because NO ONE says that here. :P He was at a loss for words and I was able to cover for him. It was really funny because he has never been at a loss for words before and after the lesson he just kept talking about how awesome it was that she would believe us and how he was just so dumbstruck. We gave her a Book of Mormon and she said she´d read and pray about it. It was awesome.

1 foody- I ate Pumpkin Pie! It was made as a dessert at 2 different Thanksgiving events that happened this last week. :D (this is also my "this reminds me of" 
Thanksgiving in the states)
Love you all!
Elder VanderMeyden

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