Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Chapter 18: Crazy

This week was really crazy. We´ve been preparing for Changes and we learned through the big mouth of a good friend that we´ll be training next week. We´ve also recieved a baby-sitter president while we wait for President to recover from his surgery in the USA. His name is Presidente Cordón and is very good. He´s really good and He caught on very fast. :) It is hard having to adapt to a new President (even just temporarily), but it makes me realize how much I will miss President when he leaves in July.

The office is a bit crazy this week and the English classes are still great. Proselyting has been hard this week because of the fact that we´re running low on progressing investigators. We find between 6 and 9 a week, but they are not progressing quickly or at all sometimes. We do have a few people that are doing wonderfully, but not too many for the moment. We´ll see how the next week goes. :)
The craziest thing is about a Baptism, IT HAPPENED! We had the first baptism in Zapote for 8 months and actually, Zona La Paz was the best in the entire mission! We are super happy, but not giving up. We are working with a family that came to church last sunday. A family of 5 people that could get baptized in February. They are really awesome and I want to take a picture of them to show you all. Unfortunately, I don´t have pictures of the baptism or of the family because I forgot my camera. I hope that I can get them to y´all next week.

People can be crazy. People get upset because they have not fully developed their Christlike attributes. It happens to everyone and it is human. The biggest thing is that they need to go to the Lord in prayer and ask for help. I feel like it can be applied to anyone. I´ve needed help like this on the mission and I think it´s made me a better person. However, it also applies to you. Try to be humble and loving in each situation. We don´t have Christ´s power to understand the hearts of everyone, but when we make that effort to try to understand, we get more than we expect. Just be patient and helpful in trying to patch things up and you should be able to solve the problems you are facing. :)
Love you all,
Crazy Elder VanderMeyden

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