Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Chapter 19: In the Right Direction

The title for the email will be "in the right direction." I was the guide when we went to San Jose and I led people in the right direction (nothing like the choir trip to Salt Lake City, right Bri?) and the family that is moving in the right direction to be baptized. I really hope they´re going to get baptized while I´m here. :)
President Wilkinson is also going in the right direction. So a few weeks ago, our Mission President had to go back to the states for some health reasons. He had surgery and is going to come back on Friday. I can't wait! Hermana Wilkinson is the best and she´s handled it so well. He´s definitely a strong personality, President Cordón, but I´ve done quite a bit to love him. One quote that I´m not sure if it´s something I found or something I created but that I love is: "Love them, and if you can´t love them, serve them."
Anyway, for this week, We had some office problem and didn´t get out of the office very much. We have two new Office Elders: Elder Nielson and Elder Nelson. I am looking forward to getting to know them better. The best experience of the week though was when I went to Bobby Family. We went twice and I took Elder Nielson the first time and Elder Nelson the second. Here´s how it went:

With Elder Nielson we taught them about the Priesthood authority and the spirit was strong. The lesson was a bit rough, but we could still feel that the spirit was there. We taught about the Confirmation and the gift of the Holy Ghost because Carlos, the father, had a question. We explained that it was necessary and that it would be a guide in his life if he was baptized and received it. We invited the entire family to be baptized, but they said no. I instead, gave them all sticky notes that said (translated into english obviously) "I need to pray to ask for a confirmation from the Spirit that these things are true" and then we left. The next time I came back was with Elder Nelson, and we taught about recognizing the Spirit. We followed up on the commitment and a few of them said they did it and said that they felt good. We explained that it was the Spirit and there was a burning feeling in the room. I loved the lesson and it was a great experience. They shared about how their life had changed since the met us and the mother said that she felt a warm feeling that made her tremble even though she wasn´t cold. I invited them again to being baptized and it went back to their doubt of "we´ve already been baptized and I consider that the person who baptized me had authority." The father was so moved by the Gift of the Holy Ghost that he wants to get it without getting baptized again. We can´t seem to get past this one point, even though we´ve explained it 3 times. Both Elder Nielson and Elder Nelson say that this family is right on the edge of being baptized and they are really excited to teach them again. :) I left the scripture Acts 9:1-6 with them as homework and I hope they read it with an open heart and mind. :)

That´s the best I got this week.
Hope you like it.
Elder VanderMeyden

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