Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Old Office Elders training the new Office Elders

The "old" office Elders training the new office Elders. Thought you'd all like to see their smiling faces!! 

I'll miss him too Athena. (in response to me telling her how much James will miss the office). He gave me the idea of making a music stand/holder for the keyboard I inherited from the mission office, with clothes hangers. Needs a little more work, but it's very functional. There's a member from San Ramon, who's from El Salvador & his wife makes pupusa's routinely. He takes the hour-long bus ride every week or so & comes to the chapel where our Self-Reliance Office is. Anyway, he sells these to anyone that'll buy them. Short story long, I'll miss Elder V's face lighting up when I offer him one + I'll miss the chocolate he offers me from time to time.

Love, Hermana Petersen & Dennis Carlson's Sister sister : )

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