Monday, February 23, 2015

Chapter 21: Just a Moment

Mom said I haven't done any of my moments lately, so here you go...

Best Moment Ever - He's Back!!! President Wilkinson is back and he is working hard to pull our mission back to the awesomeness it was before he left! I missed him a lot!

Oh Crap Moment - Not being able to get our printer to work and having to reset the system and stuff. It was super hard and crazy!

Foodie Moment - I may have a small addiction to the Cinnamon bears that my mom sent me. I have no more left and I hardly shared any. I love them. :P (huge hint if anyone sends me a package) ;)
Spiritual moment - Marvin, an investigator that came from nicaragua. His cousins gave him a Book of Mormon as he came here and, lo and behold, the first few people he meets here are the Mormon Elders! What a great testimony builder! :D
YES!!!! Moment - The new Couple, Elder and Sister Burt, really funny and I am able to help them with their computer stuff. I´m just sad that I can´t be around to help for longer because no one else is as good as I with the Computer (I´m not being prideful, everyone here has said something about it).
Bummer Moment - Ear infection. the new missionaries came in with a bug. it passed to Elder Nielson, then to Elder Hoover, then to me, then to my ear! I´m supper mad, but now I feel so much better. I took my medicine! :D
Music Moment - I haven´t sang recently because of all the mucus in my throat. I have improved on harmonica and I want suggestions from everyone that wants to hear me play a certain hymn (Sorry, other songs are harder because I can´t listen to them while I´m here).

Funny name Moment - All I´ve been getting is a bunch of people that have called me Elder Vander or Elder Valder. It´s funny because many people are doing it (at least 3 of the 14 news from this week)
So those are the moments of my life this last week. Here's the rest of the news:

What´s new? I´ve trained so well that my trainee has been put in charge of everything Financial and he just asks questions and delegates work. I call it the Dred Pirate Roberts effect. I put him as captain of the ship and now he´s running it, and now I ´m more like the old man that cooks the bad tasting food for everyone. ;) It´s kinda funny and we´re getting along really well. We´ve also been having some great success in the area. This week we found 14 new investigators and we still have 2 days to go. Not to mention that we´ll have 2 baptisms today. I´m not the one baptizing them, the dad is going to do it! IT WAS THE GIRL WHO WAS AFRAID OF THE WATER AND SHE DECIDED THAT SHE COULD DO IT IF HER DAD DOES THE ORDINANCE!!!!! :D I´m WAY excited for this! :)
Have a great week guys!
Elder VanderMeyden

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