Sunday, March 22, 2015

Chapter 1: Surprise Ending

The weekly title is "surprise ending". At the meeting with President Wilkinson Sunday night he told us that we would not be going to our areas on Monday in the morning but instead waiting in Zapote until Friday when we have a mission conference (surprise ending #1). Just before that was another surprise ending with the bishop allowing Jorge get confirmed right after baptism, even though he didn´t get baptized before church as planned. Surprise ending 3, as you can see I´m in my new area so what president said was voided by having to replace the people who are finishing their mission. I replaces an Elder Moran, who was in Jardín (en la paz) while I was in Zapote. so Surprise, I´m changed already to my new area. :)

 I am serving in a place called Flores. I litterally just made it to my new Zone, Heredia. we have our district meetings right behind the TEMPLE! I love it and I´m so excited to be here. :D My new companion is Elder Valtierra, one of the mexicans that came in while I was Secretary. he´s also the District leader so I´ll have some time serving with the leaders here.

Our area is City, but they say that my ward is the most awesome and strongest ward in the stake. :) I'm excited for a strong ward.
I have no idea how long I traveled, sorry, but you can google it. We went from Zapote to San Jose to Heredia central to Belen and we´ll be going to Flores in a few moments. No bags lost yet.
I´m super excited to be here and as you can tell i´m not training. I´ll miss my converts a bunch. We did get 5 baptisms in my time there. 2 on the last week and I was able to do the baptism. Elders Nielson and Hoover have the pictures because I didn´t have my camera in my bag. sorry.

Take care, ya'll!!!
Elder VanderVanDam

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