Monday, March 23, 2015

Chapter 2: Adjusting to Flores

The computers here are not what I´m used to, but I guess I could expect that from anywhere. At least they´re not like the ones I had in Siquirres.

Anyway, that aside, I had an okay first week. I still don´t quite have a feel for my area yet. I know how to get to the cook´s house from the church and from our house but I couldn´t find the bishop´s house if I tried. The first time I visited his house it was dark, but I chose well. I showed up with Brownies and he has a real sweet tooth. I am so happy to be here. Most of the investigators here live far apart though. I have a plan to try and get many investigators in one part, and not all over the map. Oh, speaking of maps, the area here doesn´t have one yet. We went to talk to the Municipalidad and now we have electronic ones. I´ve already asked a few people where we can get a large one printed out, but no luck so far. I´ll get back to you next week about it. I really just want to work hard but with purpose. Many people say "work smarter, not harder" I say "work smarter and Harder" don´t leave anything behind. ;) Put everything you have on the table. :) I really love my new ward. there were 135 people in the chapel and they have a small chapel. they actually have to open another room so that they can fit everyone. This other room has a TV set up to a camera that is in the reunion sacramental. The goal for the ward by the end of the year is 225 attendance. :D I´m gonna help them get that and they´ll be remodeling the chapel to give them more room soon. The Principios del Evangelio class was 100% to capacity. :)

On to my companion. He´s pretty fun. I really think he has a great capacity to love and is a good jokester. The first thing he told me about the house was that it was bigger than the Secretaries´ house, but the whole house is about the same size as room where Elder Hoover and I slept. In the same space where I only went to for sleep we have bunk beds, bathroom, shower, supplies, kitchen, etc. And when I showed up it was very dirty. It´s getting better by the day because every moment I get I try to clean something. We´ve planned a few hours later today to clean it, but I´m not sure how dedicated Elder Valtierra is to the cause. Either way, I can see him being a great leader someday in the future. Here´s just an example of how I know. When President announced that the District leaders couldn´t call the hermanas at night to get numbers it frustrated him because our district has 3 companionships of sisters and 2 of Elders (us and the Zone Leaders) so he felt as if he couldn´t do the best he could for the District. I heard him struggle every night about it until he came up with an idea to get the numbers and names and all the information he needs. He then ran it by the Zone leaders to see if we would be able to put it into practice and they, the Sister Training Leaders and the other District leader all talked about it and came to a conclusion about the proposal. I feel as if it is a great idea and doesn´t overrun the rules in any way. He is very intelligent and really cares to do the best he possibly can, but his sense of urgency is a bit low. Mine was too though, so I´ll help him on that as I learn from the many other things he can teach me. 

My spiritual moment: All I can say is that I had a cool moment with prayer. It was the day of the mission conference and we took a mission Foto that Hermana Wilkinson has. The sun was very bright and I just asked in my heart, for the Lord to put a cloud in the way to see the eyes of all the missionaries. It then became a bit shady and I thought a cloud had passed over the sun, but to my surprise, after the picture, I learned that it was a small part of a tree and that it literally only covered my part of the sun. Then, just a bit later there was problems in the meeting with sound and I said a prayer and it was fixed by the service center guys only a few seconds later. I love prayer.

Anyway, I just want to let everyone know that everything´s fine with me and I´m being VERY obedient. I even found a cool scripture and wrote it on my manual misional- D&C 66:11.

Love you,
Elder VanderMeyden

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