Friday, March 6, 2015

Chapter 22: I Wanna Iguana

Everything is going well. I honestly have enjoyed this week a ton and I have had some great experiences in and out of the office. No more ear infection that I can feel. :)  I want to try iguana, but I´ll probably never get the chance. I probably shouldn't anyway because if it is not cooked correctly, then it can make us gringos pretty darn sick. But I hear it is also pretty good. Maybe I will stick with iguanas as pets.

Spiritual moment- My journal entry: Miracle for today! We found one of the Escogidos. We just decided to walk down the street to find an LPE (investigator) from earlier but no querian atendernos. So we 'knocked a door' asking about a wood house that he had on the wall and he said 'la hizo mi hermano, pasen para ver mas'! He just invited us in like that, but he wasn't the one I was talking about, his brother that made the houses is. His brother came out and said he had already read half the Book of Mormon and it made him feel good, better than the one time he went to church with his mom! He agreed to being baptized on the 15th and asked when and where to go to church before we even invited him. He uses an oxygen tank and he's looking for a place to congregarse. He was was escogido and I can't wait to see him go down into them waters of baptism. :)

funny moment- This week we´ve had some fun talk about Hunger Games and so I came out today (P-day) with my toy Bow and arrow and started "killing" everyone. Elders Nielson and Nelson ran to their room to hide but I was too clever and I killed them on their way out. :P

Oh Crap moment- I was stuck working on a PowerPoint project for president all Monday long (I started early in the day and I was able to finish by 7:30) Luckily I stayed with a member at their internet cafĂ© on divisions while the other 3 secretaries and a missionary who was staying with us at the time went out to work. :) the Oh crap part is the fact that I´ve done 6 PowerPoints for them and there is no one else to do it when I leave.
That's it for now. Two more Saturdays and then I will be transferred to the field.
Love you all,
Elder Vandizzle

ps - I have now had 10 baptisms

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