Saturday, March 14, 2015

Chapter 23: Bow Breaking

bow breaking
the pictures are from Elder Hoover and I making bow and arrows stuff. We went though a huge evolution and it was a great P-day thing. All you need is hangers and string ;) I call it the Nephi`s broken bow challenge (he beat me) because it all started with my little toy bow breaking. ;)

I don`t have much time to write,  but I thought I`d say I love you all and that this week was great. We had a small problem with an investigator that was supposedly smoking (says a member) but when we prayed about it we felt good about following through on the baptism. He`s a great guy and I honestly don`t think he was smoking but we talked to bishop and he said we should probably move it back anyway to not offend the member so the baptism planned for this week has been moved to the next. It`s a bit of a bummer, but I have to go with what the bishop says. This week was also a bunch of stress trying to run and get things done without all the required equipment. I even got behind a bit on my journal writing which is also stressing me out. All these things led up to my theoretical spiritual bow bending and almost breaking. However, I repaired my spiritual bow just like I repaired my real toy bow:
In the Multi-zone conference that we set up I had a wonderful time. We got to meet Elder Alonso and he talked to us all. The meeting was a bunch about Obedience and Not letting your companion throw his mission away. We owe it to God and ourselves to not let it happen. Anyway, that`s all the time I have for today,

Love you,
One of my favorite ward members! (yes, I look like a geek)
Elder VanderMeyden

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