Friday, May 29, 2015

Chapter 10: Back to Basics

I am back in San Jose today for my pday. They need me to re-create some of the files I made when I was secretary, but now do it for the new mission that is being created. So I am back to my old stomping grounds. It's always  nice to come back here, though. So I don't mind.

My week was good, Sunday was the worst in the morning, but it turned around to be the best of all. I finally am getting a hang on being district leader and I´m going to make changes in my area this week to be the best missionary that I can be. I really tried hard this week in finding news and LPEs but they both fell short. I realized that I was working hard, but not listening all that much for inspiration. I did feel the spirit strong in a few lessons this week and one time was with the last family that we visited, a set of news called the Rodriguez  family. They were a miracle because normally we´re not let into houses at night, but he let us in. Another thing he said is that "I don´t normally let people like you into the house, to be honest this is the first time ever" It was a special moment to hear that, and, even though we can´t visit him this week he´ll be in my prayers.

Funny moment was the fact that my companion has shoes that are destroyed on the bottom and with the rain it made the water enter into his shoe. It´s not so funny for him, until I step into a puddle and the water enters my shoe too and we´re laughing together. I really like my companion because he laughs, even at my stupid apple jokes. :)
The fact that I  forgot my umbrella at the house of a member before the rainstorm the next day was an oh crap moment until I remembered that there was another in the house! :)
See ya'll later!
Elder VanderMeyden

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