Friday, May 29, 2015

Chapter 11: Dream On

I had a funny dream because I dreamed I was in the movie of Avengers One. My sisters were also there. It was funny because I was Ironman but I wanted to be Hulk. :P I guess that means even when we are superheroes, we sometimes dream of being someone other than we want to be.
Spiritual moment:  I really enjoyed a lesson with one of our investigators where we learned about his past and the other churches he´s visited. It was really cool because when he started talking about some things you could feel the spirit and we were able to teach him something new about baptisms for the dead. It caught his attention and we shared the scripture in Corinthians. I hope he gets baptized soon. :)

Funny moment was the fact that we were invited to the pareja activity in the ward (mom note: I had to look up what pareja is - it means couple - so he was invited to a couples activity) because they were going to give us dinner there. We didn´t participate, but it was funny that we were invited. :P

We have a new high for investigators with fecha and progressing- 5 and 10. I hope that it´ll keep rising. :)
My district and I are having troubles with bringing people to church. We´ll keep working on it. Any suggestions to get people to church on Sundays would be welcomed (besides bribing them to come to church). :)
That's about it for this week. Keep dreamin' everybody.
Elder VanderMeyden

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