Monday, May 11, 2015

Chapter 8: A little Short

haha, so this has nothing to do with me being a little short. Honestly, in Costa Rica, I am average sized, so I can't say I am a little short here. :)

Sorry this email is a little short. I don't have much time, but I am excited to talk to my family on Mother's Day. I´m doing okay. Not the best, not the worst. I hit a low this week with numbers and my District meeting was horrible. I was also a little short on time preparing my first district meeting. In this last week I prepared a district meeting at 5:30 in the morning because the Zone Leaders told me I was the new District Leader right before going to bed with a meeting the next day at 10:00. I worked something out, but it wasn´t a smooth lesson. I´ll work on it more for TOMORROW, my next meeting. It´s a bit stressful. So, yep, I am the district leader. I feel a little unqualified for it, but I guess if I do the best I can, the Lord will help me. It might be that I lack confidence or that I´m hyper critisizing myself, but that´s what I feel. This week was hard because of having a new companion. I really like my new companion and I think we will get along well. Most of the time I´m not the best planner, but when I work with my companion I can get things done right. The good news is that with my companion we´re doing well with teaching. I know we can do better, but it's a good start.

We are a little short on our appointments this week. Honestly, this was a hard week and many appointments fell. We´ve hit another low with progressing investigators and investigators in general. Most of our investigators just vanish without a word and we go looking but they are not to be found. The ward is doing well with attendance of 124. :)I´m going to put a ton of prayer and fasting into it this week. Pray for me and my area, help us find new please.

No special moments to report this last week, sorry. No time. But I love how my Nona wrote me an email about her moments. So I challenge all of you to write me a quick email - especially if I don't get a chance to see you on mother's day - and tell me at least one special moment. I am missing a lot of the friendships and family from home and to hear some of your special moments would brighten my week. ALOT! So here are some moments my mom always asks me for:

*spiritual moment
*foodie moment
*oh crap moment
*ah, memories, moment
*funny moment
*way cool moment
*techie moment (okay, mom didn't ask me for this one ever, but please tell me some of the new tech/vidgames/movies that you love and that I am missing)

So, please, even if you don't write me much, please reply to this and send me a moment - pick one, or two, or even three if you feel like it. I will know who actually reads my emails by who can just reply, even with just a one-liner.

Love you all!
Elder VanderMeyden

A Train Ticket

A ward family

Some of the people we were working with

Goofing off at the mission home

Helping out the new office elders

Another baptism

Hey, it's me and Elder Hoover again

Whoa, me and my papa - Elder Saavedra

A couple who we helped get married

A great returned missionary, Hermana Corales

Our district at lunch

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