Monday, July 6, 2015

Chapter 5: Goal! Accomplished!

Yea, I`m on early today, ya know why? Today`s not P-day! WOOHOOO! The reason why is that I`m going on Thursday to get my old ticket. By that I mean that I`m getting the renewal for my cedula (visa) that happens because the last one I had expires in about a month.

Happy 4th of July!  :P This year I remembered that it was the 4th ;) but I still didn`t light anything on fire. Maybe next year (meaning fireworks, I hope).

This week was interesting because we accomplished many of our goals as well as one of having more than 30 lessons. Our plan was 32 but we had 33! We really worked hard to get these things done and we could feel the Lord`s help. On the last day we found a family of 5 of which the mother has jumped from church to church to find "the truth" she was actually a reference from an old investigator that had dropped off the map because she moved to a different part of our area. We had been looking for her and her husband for the last 3 weeks with no luck (because they go by nicknames, not their normal names). She found us yesterday and invited us back! :D This area looks like it`s going to be successful even though it`s about 10 minutes walking to get to the bus that takes 10 minutes to get to the station with another 8 minute walk to the church. :P

I have not met President Hayes yet, but we will be having interview soon so I hope to meet him. :) I do remember feeling weird the day the Wilkinsons left (the weirdest part is that I thought they had gone a day earlier, but when they told me that he went home on Wednesday I though "that`s why I felt weird" ).

There is a pass open finally to get to San Jose, and I will be taking it Thursday if it all works out. :) Let's hope no more broken bridges or landslides between now and then.

I don`t think my area ever floods, outside my area yes, but not inside,but who knows what is just around the riverbend :P

Love you all and Have a great day!

Elder VanderMeyden

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