Monday, July 13, 2015

Chapter 6: What did I Just Say?

To understand my title, you need to read the experience below. It truly was an amazing thing to witness.  It also applies to my funny moment.

I got my residency renewed, which is for a year. I got to meet President Hayes in the Zone conference he came to do. He is so full of energy and love. :) It will be great to work with him. :)  I do miss the Wilkinsons dearly, but I want to say that we´ve already received so much love from the Hayes that I'm glad to be able to serve with them as well. :)

A funny moment is teaching my companion English. Today on the way to internet I was trying to teach the different pronunciations for "pick" "peak" and "peck" In spanish they only have the sounds for "peck" and "peak" so the other is hard for him (which is both frustrating and hilarious).

One of the experiences that I`d like to share with you today is about a family, a mother, a father, two daughters and a son. Last week we were working in our area when a woman that was an antiguo investigator found us. My companion had taught her before but in a different part of our area. We had looked for her in the 3 weeks before with no luck and we had finally moved on to teaching other investigators that we had found in the process. When she found us she invited us to her house where her husband was waiting and told us about her friend that lives in front of her house. Her friend had received missionaries from all other types of religions but never "the mormons" and wanted to know a bit more. When we went to her house after we taught the antiguo investigator it was a great experience where we focused on the family. I know I felt the spirit strong and I hope they did too. We left them with a "The Family: A Proclamation to the World" and they promised to read it. When we went back yesterday they had read the proclamation and had many questions. Some of which were dificult to answer, but we found ourselves answering every question to satisfy their wants and needs. One of which was a question that I looked at my companion hoping he would answer and he looked at me with the same face. Without skipping a beat I tried to answer the question without sounding hesitant or doubtful and all of a sudden the words came out of my mouth in a wondrous flow of our beloved truths. I can only remember part of what I said while I was with them but it was an amazing experience for me and my companion to be guided so much. After we answered their questions we left them wanting more, even thought we couldn`t stay. We left them with a folleto de "La Restauración del Evangelio de Jesucristo" and we`ll be preparing to answer their questions this week. One thing that she mentioned to us was that she had listened to so many missionaries before and I feel like they are really searching for the truth.
Love you all!
Elder VanderMeyden

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