Monday, July 27, 2015

Chapter 8: Visits

I`m doing well. We just had a week with 40 lessons without divisions (that was a dream of mine with Elder Coronado, but we didn't quite make it). By the 40 lessons, you can tell that I am getting along well with my new companion. He is upbeat and a hard worker. We are going to make a ton of progress in this area.

One thing interesting that happened this week is that Presidente Hayes stopped by the boonies... I mean Cariari. He said that in trying to get there he kept asking people about where it was and nobody knew. :P Not even our Zone Leaders. :P He told us that he wants us to move houses, he`ll probably send us more missionaries this change, and bicycles are on the way if he gets authorization. :) A bunch of things changing here (including that the mission office is no longer in the La Paz, sino Los Yoses). It was nice to have him come all the way out to see us (and my companion loved the air conditioning of their car ;)  )

The new house is because we have termites and ants in the house. Also, on a side note, someone had Denge fever near our house so they fumigated the neighborhood. :P I am not sick, nor will I be any time soon. The fumigation kills all insects. :) yes, I do believe it helps. :)  My new coloring (a medium tan) keeps away all the mosquitos. :D Presidente sees how big the area is and por fin the missionaries are working hard in the area so we get more missionaries, but more it`s for how big it is. :P
Foodie moments. EVERYONE HAS TO TRY THIS! Gelatina (jello) with ice cream is normal, right? Now do Jello with Powdered milk. I know everyone has a the ability to do this and I want to hear the commentaries. What`s even better though is Jello, Ice cream, AND powdered milk.

I just got back my shoes that spent 3-5 weeks in the shop. I just never had time to get them, but they are puestos (on my feet) right now. :) I do walk a ton.

We added to the progressing investigators list this week but NOBODY came to church because it was very far away. We had to take a buseta (private bus used for transporting relatively small numbers of people) to go and even then there was absolutely no where to sit because we were opening the new stake and the whole stake was trying to fit in a non stake center building. I really enjoyed the church but I missed a ton of it because there was no room to sit and pay attention but we saw Elder Alonso. :) It was cool and now I know the entire area presidency ;) They just created the Guanacaste Stake on Sunday, in case you didn't know. That's why it was so far away to travel.

I got a new souvenir to bring home. I was gifted a painted Jikaro. Jikaro is a fruit that you don`t eat. It has a skin that hardens into a shell and they use it here as a craft object. :) It's pretty cool.
Thththththat's all folks!

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