Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Chapter 7: All is Well, All is Well

For those of you who are worrying and wondering about me and how I am doing relating to Elder Cuevas's passing, just know that All is Well.

Elder Cuevas was not in my district (La Rita), but he was in my zone (Zona Atlantica). His city is an hour away from my city. I´m not broken up over his death, but I am sad. The most shaken is Hermana A (she´s a good friend of mine) She was a good friend of his in Mexico. We went to the memorial service on Sunday and I met his parents. Apparently he looked up to me more than I thought. The saddest part was that the last thing he said to me was a joke saying that I would be the Mission President for his children. :( I actually sent him home to get knee surgery while I was a secretary and I am so proud that he came back to keep working. :) His parents are so nice and not only did I see them Sunday at the memorial service, but I bumped into them today in the street after changes (transfers). I know that they´ll fight through this. She´s such a kind woman, his mother.

In regards to my own asthma, the only thing that bothered me this week was the altitude and my breathing of San Jose when I went into the city. Now that I´m back in Cariari I am just fine. I don't need more medicine or use my inhaler at all. No need for anyone to worry. All is Well with my health.

I saw a corral snake (the dangerous one, not the fake one) and a frog with bulgy eyes (not dangerous at all). My old companion should be sending pictures. :) When he does, I will post them. All is Well, I stay away from the poison animals down here.

Oh, I say old companion because he had changes. My new companion is Elder Garay from Honduras. He's a convert, only member in the family and is here to work hard so that his mother can be touched by the spirit and convert. :D I have a feeling that this change cycle will be one of the best ones ever. :)  I might have a curse because, with the only exceptions being training and secretaryship, all my other companions have been for 1 change jaja :P )

Special moment was when we had a testimony meeting as a Zone on Friday after what happened with Elder Cuevas. It was a strong spirit that was felt there and even though I could not see the angels I know that they were with us.

I do love being here. I can´t imagine any other place I´d rather be. That´s part of the reason for a possible extension, but I also know that all things must come to an end, even if we don´t want them to. :P

Food moment -  this is the Banana and Pineapple central. :P Much of our area includes these farms and they are very cheep. (sometimes we can get 3 pineapples for the equivalent of $2 and one banana is 10 cents!) WE walk so much in our area that our branch president has asked for bicycles for the missionaries. :P

We have 8 progressing investigators and 2 showed up to church. I don´t have any more news about the family because we couldn´t visit them this last week  for the memorial service of Elder Cuevas, but I have the faith that they are doing well. :)

I can´t think of anything more for today,
Love you all,

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