Monday, August 17, 2015

Chapter 11: Field Trip

So last week we went on a field trip. It was super cool! A once in a lifetime thing. We went to Tortogeuro the Turtle Preserve. Finally I have been on both coasts of Costa Rica. My first area was on the West Coast and last week I made it to the East Coast beach. We had to ride boats through a lagoon to get there and we saw crocodile. Best part was the beach. We saw the tracks of the turtles as they came out of the water and walked across the beach to lay their eggs. It was awesome!

Today I am in San Jose.Yeah, they just wanted my help to clean up the desktop on Hna Burt´s computer and work on a few other projects in the google drive.

Next week is changes. I hope I do stay here. There is one family that I want to be here to baptize. They are AMAZING! It´s the Family of references that had a bunch of preguntas from a few weeks ago. :)

We are also hoping we will split my area. We have a large house now so we´re ready for more missionaries. :)

We had 46 lessons, 13 news and a family that is progressing told us to invite them to church. I don´t want to leave this area before they get baptized. This is my family to come back for in a year´s time. I really am glad to be working with Elder Garay and to see more on our Tortuguero adventures you´ll have to see the pictures, telling the story will not be enough to tell of the beauty of the week. :)
P.S. Happy Mothers day in Costa Rica (they celebrate it on the 15 of August) :) This is not just to my mom, but to all the moms on my email list! Happy Mother's Day!
Elder VanderMeyden

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