Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Chapter 9: Average but no so average

My week was abnormally average. We had a average week with all the numbers (except LPEs and references, the first was low and the second was high). Plus, we had a baptism. That's the not so average part. I guess I´ll tell you the story about him.

This week we baptized David. He´s a great man, with 55 years under his belt. He has had a hard life. There was a bit of confusion about his baptism because the missionaries have been teaching him for more than 5 months now, but

they thought he couldn´t get baptized. When my new companion showed up here he had had a similar investigator in his last ward and they were able to baptize him with President´s permission. So we contacted the assistants and they contacted president and we got the baptism authorized. This was so great because David had gone to church for the last 5 months (only missing 3 Sundays) and he was very excited to finally get baptized. :)  ) WE were very happy for him as well. :)
I had a good week 35 lessons. But we also had to look for a new house and we did. there are 2 houses we liked, but we chose the more colorful one (it´s bigger and better and cheaper :)  ).

This week we invited one of our investigators to church (she´s also our cook and now our neighbor). She´s been going to church for a while but he husband has never gone before. However, this week he said he would go with her. Right now they are planning on getting married so that she can get baptized and they are so amazing. :) I´m so happy for them.

Frustrating language moment: when people want to speak to you in English and 1) it´s just to laugh or 2) they don´t know what to say after "good morning" :P It really bothers me sometimes because they do it just because I´m gringo. :/
Well, let's hope next week will be just as good or better than this one!
Have a great day!
ps - the pictures - first one is the cook and her family at Church. Second one is David at his baptism. Third one is me and my companion!!

Elder VanderMeyden

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