Monday, August 24, 2015

Chapter 12: Improv and Feeling Old

Yep - that's right. I´m felling a bit old in the mission but looking back, I´ve only had 3 companions with more time than me: Elders Saavedra, De Leon, and Hoover.  It's crazy to think that I only have 4 months left on my mission. I´ll ask president the actual day we head home. I think it´s still under thought but it may be before new years. I know we´ll be here at least until Christmas, so don´t worry you´ll have that last call ;) A bunch of our group wanted to make it back before school starts and some schools start a bit earlier than mine. so President changed our release date (sadly) from January 6 to end of December. But it does mean less time and I´ll be back home.  I still don´t feel like I should go to school right when I get back. I know it´s weird, but the 2 major points that keep running through my head are that 1 I want time with the family and 2 I want to work so that I can come back to Costa Rica (especially if I have some converts from this area that will be going through the temple after a year of being baptized). A third would be money for going on dates and being close to home for a bit to get some rest.

This week was amazing en cuanto a la obra (talking about the work). I was ASTOUNDED when I saw the 58 people in the chapel and 5 of them not being members. Does anyone remember the family that sent us a really awesome text at the beginning of my time here and then they dropped us out of nowhere? I took my companion to visit them and see how they are doing. THEY ACCEPTED US AGAIN, CAME TO CHURCH, AND ASKED US TO HAVE ANOTHER VISIT WITH THEM TO PLAN THEIR MARRIAGE AND BAPTISM! It was a simple thing that happened and Satan entered into their relationship. We explained that to them and everything changed! :D It just wasn´t their time before but NOW IS! I don´t know what a matter of 8 weeks can make, but God has it all planned out perfectly. :D

This week we also had a conference with a broadcasted conference in Honduras with the new President of the 12 Apostles, It was an amazing conference and I received multiple answers to my prayers. One thing that made me laugh is the fact that they were talking to over 1000 missionaries and they brought up MARRIAGE!!! I can only imagine all the groans going on ALL OVER Central America. :P It was an amazing conference though and I have a goal to study better for all of my investigators. We have multiple families progressing right now and they need my help! I´ll let ya´ll know if I have changes next week, but I´m not expecting them (unless we open Cariari 2).
And now for the improv comment: One  thing that was really funny about the church this week was that I was asked to give a talk 5 minutes before the services began and I gave a great improvised talk about the atonement and someone told me that I had given them a different perspective about the atonement! After that I was in charge (with my companion) of the Gospel Principles class (which was FULL by the way) which was about Pray and I only had 10 minutes of preparation. AND last, but not least, the teacher for Elders quorum was not there and the backup was a counselor of Pte Soto (branch president) and he told me to give the lesson because he "had to do something with Pte Soto." So I gave a lesson on filling out homes with light and truth based off a talk that I had NEVER read before. It turned out well! I´m so happy that I learned a bit of how to get participation and follow the spirit! :D
Love ya'll!
Elder VanderMeyden

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