Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Chapter 7: Wild Life

Hola todos,

This week was wild. No baptisms yet. I got bit by a dog once and almost got bit 2 more times. I nearly stepped on an iguana that was a good 2.5 feet long head to tail, I saw goat things and cows running ¨wild¨ (They escaped). I was asked if I had 7 wives. I did the family peep tradition, and a pipe broke at our house )it`s fixed now, no problema), I gave a talk ing church, did some magic coin tricks with some kids (if anyone has more I`d love to learn them), and we were led to 2 people on the same day. I love the mission! :D

The power of Prayer. I recieved a powerful witness of the power of prayer. I was sick, super sick. My throat hurt, my eyes had a pain behind them, I felt really weak, and I didn´t feel like I could do anything. However, I really wanted to work and I put my mind to it that I would work. I started with a prayer to feel better and I probably prayed for about 20 minutes although it felt like an hour. My biggest desire while I was praying was that I wanted to get better so that I could get to work. I had decided that I would work that day no matter what but I really poured out my heart to get better. After the prayer I got to work and within 20 minutes I felt no pain in my throat and could think clearly. It truly was a miracle.

NEWSFLASH! I just had a WONDERFUL LPE (Lección para encontrar) with the person sitting next to me and set an appointment in the chapel tomrrow at 5! I feel the spirit with him and I feel like he was lead to be here at this very moment. I`ll tell you next week how it turns out. He is 17, Catholic but doesn`t completely agree with all of it. His name is M and he said that he`d call us an hour before to confirm the appointment. I have a wonderful feeling about this. :D

Sorry but I don`t have mucch time because of the LPE thing.

See ya in 21 months, (WOW time flies)
Elder VanderMeyden

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