Thursday, April 17, 2014

Furniture and Fun Pictures

 Elder VanderMeyden with a member and his baby (Diana, that's your family picture in his hand)
 At the beach on Prep Day
 This is the beauty of Costa Rica
 Drinkin' the coconut milk
 Banana scent in the air, fruit to eat off the trees. Ahh...the life.

just a couple of monkeys or family :)
 Their study area
 Their closet?
 Their kitchen (still sparse)
 James said he loved us more than there were flavors of tang in Costa Rica. Now we know the truth of that statement
 Our missionaries are true superheroes!
 Hanging out with the crew
 worked so hard, he fell asleep
 James is teaching his companero (from Columbia) english, and he is teaching James spanish...hence the language lesson on the board
 Mission shoes at beginning of mission (we'll do a post picture at end)
James and his mtc companero (Elder Miller)

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