Wednesday, April 30, 2014

****************************************************More Questions and Answers

*do the kids look at you funny because you are so white? Have you been sunburned at all? Getting a tan? People stare all the time, especially babies. Yes and yes to the burn and the tan

*Did you do anything for April Fool's day? Trick anyone? Toothpaste oreos, Hermana Guevara and Elder Saavedra
*Are more people coming to church? How many this last week? 71 in the chapel this week
*What is this about the bird that attacked you? a bird was chasing a bug, the bug flew into my face, the bird almost hit me full speed, DODGEBALL SKILLS ACTIVATE!
*What are your plans for easter? No plans came through, normal day. But i`m planning an easter egg hunt
*Mother's day is coming up. Do you have a place to call us? Skype us? Do you have permission to Skype? Are there any members with computers that would allow you to? How would you call us? I have no ideas about mothers day, but it`s different here. I know that I`ll be calling in May though
We can`t use members computers and I don`t know how it will work at all.

*Do you have a cell phone that you use for contacting people? yes and it rocks (not really its a normal dumb phone very similar to the one you gave me)
*Do people have TV's and modern conveniences or is it more 3rd worldish? TV but no internet parts are 3rd world and most people care more about what´s in the house than the house itself
*What is the craziest thing you have seen down there? A dog got hit by a car and I almost stepped on an iguana, that`s the craziest for now
*Other than your cook feeding you lunches, does anyone else feed you dinners? Do you get hungry during the day? I`m always hungry and I don´t really have a solution right now...
*Do you see any other americans in Nicoya? Not many Americans

*Tell us about three families you have gotten to know down there. What are they like, what do they do, etc. G and F are less active memebers who are really cool. Mother and Daughter, respectively, who are fun to talk to and make me laugh. L and family are also less active members who have little money, but they love jokes and are great to talk to. I`m going to try and get L the M. Priesthood because he`s really old and then we`re gonna get them to the temple (or that`s the goal at least). E and daughters are investigators with 2 really cut dogs (one was the the one I took a pic with) who I didn`t think were serious about the church but now they`re pretty cool. I don`t know what else to say about them, sorry.

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