Sunday, April 13, 2014

Chapter Something: Ups and Downs

Hello everybody,
This week had ups and downs. Up and down hills I mean :P I'm just kidding
Ups are: Conference, always a treat. I did something different this year with not taking notes and just writing down the impressions I got (it helped that it was all in spanish and I HAD to listen to the spirit)
Lessons were great this week too.
I received some inspiration about staying positive from the last part of the first chapter of preach my gospel. Your success is based on baptisms and nothing else! :)
Downs: The stupid MANGOS that fall on out metal roof in the night
seeing a dog hit by a car
People not following through on their appointments with us
People saying they'll come to chuch but don't
Mostly just the hard hearted lying people, everyone else is great
Sorry it's short this week, I have to catch a bus to Nicoya. We had our 1 month check-ups and I'm in San Jose. (MOM UPDATE: his one month check-up was fine, he has not been sick at all since he got to Costa Rica,...knock on wood).
Wishing you all luck,
Elder VanderMeyden

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