Sunday, April 13, 2014

Question and Answer Time

*Do you listen to your music much? Do you need more? Someone in Panama said they could actually watch Disney movies, so their mom sent them Frozen. my music is all we listen to. Put in folders on dropbox and I´ll just copy and past into my MP3. More EFY stuff and anything else you would think is good.

*What are your Sundays like? Do you work with the ward members? Do you go to priesthood/Sunday School?  Can you understand the talks in Sacrament Meeting? Sunday is great, I understand nearly everything and It´s tons of fun.

*Do you visit many of the active members in the ward? Who are some of your favorite families? Have you gotten closer to the lesser actives? Are they coming around? We actually had a turnout of 83 this past weekend it´s due to the hard work of the sisters. Just kidding. One of my favorite families is actually a less active family and 2 of them 5 came to church this past week. We´re working with the others, but they´re tough cookies.

*what do the people in Costa Rica do for fun or for vacation? Do they do any vacations? Since you are in the country, do they have things like movie theatres, malls, etc? I don´t know about vacations, but one family visits Nicaragua every so often. I haven´t seen a single mall of movie theater but there is tons of advertising for movies so they´ve got to be somewhere.
*Are you fluent in the language now? Do you think in spanish? How is Elder S doing in his English learning? Not fluent, but I can think in spanish for short periods of time and I find myself replacing spanish word for some english ones if I use them enough. Elder Saavedra is learning, but It´s still hard for him.

*Do you get the Liahona? Have you been able to read the one we sent? I can get the Liahona, but I don´t have a bunch of time to read them so... Don´t send me more i guess.

*How hot is it?Have the rains started? Do you have good living arrangements in your apartment? Mosquito netting? Do you use your blanket? It´s hot, It´s humid. The rains don´t start until May and they say that April is the hottest. The rooming is nice for me, but my companion doesn´t like it. I may need netting, but it hasn´t been bad yet and yes, I use my blanket (for about half the night).

*Do you use the filtered water bottles or just buy water bottles? What does their milk taste like? Have you learned to cook any new dishes? Do you teach Elder Saavedra american food or does he teach you columbian food? I haven´t been using a filter really, It´s farely safe in Nicoya. Them milk tastes the same unless I get the special kind (which I kinda really like) which adds some sort of rice mixture too it.
We don´t cook a ton because we get home at 9:30 most of the time.
Bri said macaws and other birds are all over the place, do you see them often or just cats and bugs? The bird aren´t all that exotic where I am, but I almost got killed by one (I think that was in my last email, but I´m not sure). (he didn't include that in his last email)

did you get more furniture? your apartment looks really sparse. We are fine with what we have furniture wise.
Do you have a chance to sing at all? I sing almost every morning and my companion likes to sing for the investigators too (in spanish of course)
Have you played the piano? I wonder if music can be used as a tool for you to reach people. No piano, sorry
I looked on google maps at nicoya - where exactly is the area you serve? North, south, east or west? We serve in the north, the chapel is across the street from the hospital and we have everything north of that, it may seem uneven but a bunch of the south is shopping so it evens out.
What beach have you been going to? Samara and Tanmarindo are the two beaches I've seen and have pictures too.
Where did you watch conference? we watched conference in the chapel
Have you been able to give any blessings? What are some special spiritual examples you have had?
Any injuries or illnesses? only one blessing to my companion and it was this week after 2 days of every appointment falling through

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