Wednesday, August 27, 2014

District and Zone conference fun

So there was a recent district conference and yesterday a zone conference. Here are some fun pictures of them.
This is to help them all realize that every one of them needs to be working together to help the work go forth. 

Trying to work together

The District

Having fun!

This was at the zone conference yesterday. James is on the far left against the wall. Sister Wilkinson, when she sent this said "He is looking happy and great today!!! He just read a quote for President and his Spanish is great!" Ah, the little things that makes a mom heart sing!

Sister Wilkinson, Mission President's Wife, sent me this picture. I think he is sleeping, but I surely hope not. She said "They are not required to wear suit coats to conf (due to heat and travel) but look at him - in his coat, looking so sharp!!!"

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