Monday, April 6, 2015

Chapter 3: A Lot of Movin' and Shakin' Going On

Just so you know, there were a few trembles yesterday and this morning. There are earthquakes happening somewhere, but I don`t know where, but I can feel them. :O (from James' mom - the earthquakes are from Mount Poas, a different volcano closer to where James was transferred)

There are a few baptisms planned for this next month. and there are a few news that look like they`ll progress fast enough to join them. I really hope they can :) There was a wedding and baptism.

I have yet to have a normal P-day in my new area, the first was normal-ish, but we cleaned the house instead of doing something fun. Today is shopping for food and going to temple (it already happened). (Mom note - this was from Wednesday - I forgot to send it when he wrote it, sorry).
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We just went to the temple today and now I`m in an internet cafè. Honestly, the computer that I have is very diffucult so I apologize.

Spiritual moment- as we walked to church this week after picking up an investigator a running lady called for us to go over. We went over and she said that she is a member that moved recently from Nicaragua. She is married and her husband isn`t a member, but he`s willing to learn more and we put a baptismal date with him for the 25 of April. :)
Funny moment- There was a very blonde girl sitting outside our neighbors house. We stop to do an LPE with her. WE thought she was Gringa, but... SHE`S CANADIAN! I thought it was funny that even I think that all the white people are gringos :P
Foodie moment- MONDONGO! otherwise known as Cow`s stomach. I ate it and liked the taste. The texture was fine until about 3/4 of the way through, but then it got old. It was a good meal though, even though it felt weird. It was bad once though because I was swalling a piece that I had chewed off the larger chunk, but it still had one strand so it got stuck. It didn`t freak me out, but I didn`t expect it. ;)

Oh crap moment- when I realized that I wouldn`t be writing on Monday I though "Oh crap, how can I tell the rest of my family." I wasn`t able to tell you, but I`m writing today. :) Just so that everyone knows, from now on I`ll be writing on Mondays, near 11AM. Just so that eveyone know for sure when they need to write me.

Oh, I added the picture of our whole mission. If you can see me, right behind the person seated on the left, I am in the gray suit, and you can see the miracle I prayed for (a cloud so I wouldn't squint) and that it only clouded our little tiny area for just the few seconds of our portrait.

Love you,
Elder VanderMeyden

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