Monday, April 13, 2015

Chapter 5: Miracle Followup

Miracle followup- The Man who is the husband of the nicaraguan member is progressing well. He recently found the Church video database and is in love with them. :) At first we thought he might have problems with drinking because of all the bottles outside, but the hermana reassured us that it is the other person renting. (there are 3 small houses in one big house, they just divided it with walls) and that the only problem he has is Coffee! :D they didn´t come to church this week, but they had the desire to go so we set up 3 appointments with his wife this week, wednesday, saturday and sunday before church to get them to come. :)

Miracle followup on the spirit and my small plates: The multizone conference was amazing this week and I am realizing a real ability that I have to have the spirit whisper things to me. I have had many small ideas that have come to be promptings. The multizone conference was about planning and teaching. It really clicked and now our lessons are so much more powerful. We had a 15 minute lesson with someone yesterday that had them invite us back even though at first they were reluctant to let us in. I also finished with my study journal, something I never thought would happen. I´m buying my next small plates today. ;) (if any of you forgot, at the beginning of my mission, I wanted to have large plates with everything and small plates with just the important stuff  - kind of like Nephi). Here is what some of it looks like in my 'small plates'. It's a miracle I actually finished a whole journal book of small plates.
Elder VanderMeyden

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