Monday, April 20, 2015

Chapter 6: Sick

This week was extremely hard. Our Monday was normal, but our tuesday had too many appointments that fell and wednesday I was called into the office to help with a small problem there. We got it all worked out but out plans for that day went down the toilet. Thursday, was great, but it was mostly because of the plans that Elder Valtierra did because we had divisions and he was able to do a lot of work as I just had lesson after lesson fall through (I did receive many references though :D  ). Thursday is also the day I got sick, but I didn´t let anyone know so that we could continue working, it didn´t get bad until Sunday, when my nose let the flood gates loose. :/ It's just a bad cold, but I hate being sick, so, I'm sick of being sick. I hate it so much, that's why I made it my title. I am still sick today, but not letting it keep me down. :/

Other than stuff like that I love my area and I´ve see many miracles (or recognized many more than before) and I really hope I don´t have to move for a while. My companion and I are getting along great. He is a good missionary even if he has more to learn, but he has much to teach and much to give, so I´d like to keep him around for a while longer ;) The changes or transfers will happen a week from today. I feel really weird about what´s going to happen. I can´t put my finger on it but I´ll let you know next week how it went.
The house gets messy real quick, but it´s small, so I can understand. The worst area is the Kitchen because the dishes don´t always get done. I like to wash after I use them, but my companion waits for a large group. It´s not a bad thing, it´s just not the way I normally do things.

We had Norling come to church. He´s the miracle from the a few weeks back, and, even though they got lost, they came to church so his fecha (baptismal date?)  is still on track if we can ever teach him. :P It was a problem this week that many appointments fell, including 2 with him. :/ We´ll get to him though and he´s really interested in the church and his wife is helping us out too. :D
Unfortunately he was the only on in the church and Kevin has backed out of being baptized for now because his father told him he´s too young to make decisions like this. We taught him again and he rescheduled the baptism for the 30th of april so we´ll see how that goes. :)
those are the 2 biggest progressing investigators. :)

Love you,
Elder VanderMeyden

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